Transcripted Summary

Congratulations on finishing the course! I hope you learned a lot about pytest and feel confident to start automating your own tests with it.

Before we conclude, there’s one more thing I want to cover.

Python is more than just a programming language. It’s a community. And it’s one of the most thriving tech communities you’ll ever find.

When I use the term “community,” I’m not merely referring to a group of people who know Python. As my friend Tristan would say, community is a set of scalable relationships.

The Python community is a group of folks who love Python and seek to be intentional with each other in building each other up as they build awesome technologies together using Python. We share values like curiosity, respect, and the 20 points in the Zen of Python. And everyone is welcome in the Python community, whether you’re a total n00b or a seasoned hacker, a hobbyist or a professional, a web developer or a data scientist, a tester or a platform engineer.

One of the most rewarding parts of my career in software has been my involvement in the Python community. I’ve met some of my best friends in tech through it. In fact, I wouldn’t be the Automation Panda you know today without the Python community.

The first time I spoke as the Panda was at PyCon 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. That’s the shirt I’m wearing now. I still have my conference badge. I gave a talk entitled, “Behavior-Driven Python.” What a crossover, right? It’s the talk that truly kicked off my speaking career. PyCon 2018 changed my life! The inspiration and energy it gave me reverberates in my heart to this day.

Since you’ve completed this course, you must know Python. And if you know Python, then there’s a place for you in the Python community. So, I personally invite you: join us! Become part of the Python community. Attend Python conferences. Look up your local Python meetup. Contribute to open source Python projects. You’ll be welcomed.

If you noticed throughout this course, I wore a different shirt for each chapter. Each shirt is from a different Python conference I’ve attended over the years: PyCon US, PyTexas, PyOhio, PyBay, PyCascades, PyGotham, Python Web Conference, DjangoCon, PyCon Canada, even PyCon Taiwan! If you’re not sure what Python events to attend, then start by looking into those. I’ll provide links to each in the transcript below. And if these are too far away, then please know that there are many other Python events all around the world, too.

I’ll leave you with one more nugget of wisdom, straight from the Zen of Python: Now is better than never. Now is better than never. Don’t delay automating those tests, and don’t delay engaging the community. Life is too short.

Thank you so much for taking this course, Introduction to pytest. I hope you found it to be worthwhile.

Again, my name is Andy Knight, and I’m the Automation Panda. If you liked the course, please let me know by leaving a star on the GitHub repository. Be sure to read my blog and follow me on Twitter as well. I hope to see you at an upcoming Python event.


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