Welcome to Test Automation University! This course is an introduction to pytest.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages right now, and pytest is its most popular framework. In this course, we'll automate tests together in Python using pytest. We'll cover how to write unit tests as well as feature tests. We'll also learn about some of pytest's advanced features like fixtures, parameters, commands, and plugins. By the end of this course you should feel confident writing your own tests in pytest.

I'll be your instructor for this course. My name is Andy Knight but you can call me "Pandy" for short. I am the Automation Panda, a software engineer in test who builds solutions to testing problems. Personally, I love Python, and I can't wait to teach you all how to automate tests using pytest. I hope that you find this course to be valuable and fun.

As a prerequisite for this course, I recommend that you already have intermediate level Python programming skills. That way, you can focus on learning the pytest framework more than wrestling with Python itself. If you want advice for how to start learning Python, please check out my article, "How Do I Start Learning Python?" on my website.

In the course chapters, you will create a new Python project and progressively add new tests to it. I encourage you to code along with each chapter to reinforce your learning. I also created a public GitHub repository that contains all example code for the course. The course transcripts will include a link to this repository.

If you get stuck, please compare your code to my example code. The repository has a branch named "example" with paths corresponding to each chapter. The "example/develop" branch also contains the completed code for the end of the course. The repository's README file also contains setup and troubleshooting instructions.


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