Hello, and welcome to Test Automation University.

Do you want to learn how to locate elements on a webpage like a pro?

Web elements could be anything on the page — buttons, labels, dropdowns, and more. As human users, we don't often think about the structure of a webpage. We intuitively just look and click on the stuff we want. However, test automation and other web code can't do that.

Code needs pointers to desired elements, which we call locators or selectors. There are many types of locators, some simple and others complex.

In this course, we will use Google Chrome developer tools to look under the hood at the HTML, CSS and JavaScript that make up web pages. Then we will learn how to write unique, robust and maintainable locators using helpful anchors from live elements. We will also see how to use those locators in Test Automation tools and frameworks.

Although we will focus on traditional web pages, the locator techniques we cover here are also transferrable to mobile APP testing.

**Whether you are a web testing beginner or an old pro who wants to tighten their skills, this course is for you. **

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Andy Knight, and I'll be your instructor for this course.

I'm a software engineer who specializes in testing and automation. You may also know me as the Automation Panda from my blog. Day in and day out, I automate web UI tests using locators.

I'm really excited to share my tips and tricks with you in this course.

Let’s begin! 🚀

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