We have an initial set of 11 courses in the works, with many more to be developed throughout 2019. There will be courses for all skill levels, including those who are looking for an entrance into test automation, as well as seasoned automators who want to learn about new tools and techniques.

The first course, Setting the Foundation for Successful Test Automation, will be launched on January 1 and contains the following chapters:

  • How to Design an Automation Strategy
  • Creating a Culture of Success in your Organization
  • Developing for Testability
  • Tooling for Testability
  • Future-proofing Your Test Automation Efforts
  • Test Automation Optimization and Scaling
  • Quantifying and Sharing the Value of Test Automation

Other courses include:

  • The Whole Team Approach to Continuous Testing
  • Testing In The Real World: Success Stories You Can Learn From
  • AI for Element Selection: Erasing the Pain of Fragile Test Scripts
  • A Guide to Codeless Test Automation
  • Automated Visual Testing with Java
  • CI/CD, UI Version Control and Root Cause Analysis
  • How To Visually Validate Your Mobile Applications
  • An Inclusive Web for Everybody: Test Automation for Accessibility
  • Performance Testing Tools and Techniques: Preparing For The Masses
  • Visual Validation For Frontend Developers
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