For every course you complete, you’ll earn a badge. Your badges are displayed on your profile page.

Every course will also include optional quizzes. While you don’t have to take the quizzes, they are a fun way to test your knowledge and ensure that you’ve grasped the concepts within the course. Every quiz rewards credits for correct answers. You accumulate credits and they count towards your rank.

The ranks are based on mythological creatures and are listed here from lowest to greatest:

# Unicorn

Everyone starts off as a unique! Unicorns are often thought of as innocent creatures, seeking knowledge.

# Pegasus

After earning more than 3000 credits, you will graduate to a Pegasus rank. You are now soaring.

# Phoenix

After earning more than 6000 credits, you will graduate to the Phoenix rank. You’ve learned a bit of something and are now are on fire!🔥

# Dragon

After earning more than 9000 credits, you will graduate to the Dragon rank. You’ve learned so much that you’re no longer just on fire, but you’re breathing fire!

# Kraken

Once you’ve obtained more than 15000 credits, you will graduate to the Kraken rank. You’re a monster at test automation! You’re able to crush any challenge that comes your way.

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