We love swag just as much as you do! Expect lots of opportunities to get TAU hoodies and t-shirts! In fact, let’s go ahead and run our first contest.

A community member, Michael Rucker, was kind enough to write a theme song to commemorate Angie Jones leading Test Automation U. Your challenge is to put these words to a tune and tweet out a video of you (or a delegate lol) singing it! Tag us at @TestAutomationU with the hashtags: #TestAutomationU #ThemeSong

# Angie's coming at U

she came down from the mountain
with the tablets in her hand
set set her steely gaze to lead us 
to the promised land
where failures all mean what they say
and tests will run all night
and all of us must wear our shades:
the future looks so bright

Watch QA crawl from a long hibernation 
She was who she is
And she does what she do
We'll come to life learning test automation
Hear Angie preaching 
and coming at U! 

twas hard to find a moment free
as she added all the miles
circling round and round the globe
to give us hopeful smiles
we all hung on her every word
salvation now to clasp
and end to end our suites did run
perfection in our grasp

repeat chorus

and matching dev with every sprint
a wonder to behold
it's like the rainbow that we've chased
has reached its pot of gold
we grab onto our courage 
and we cast aside our fear
and we give our thanks for angie
who has boldly led us here

repeat chorus
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