In this course, you will learn about different approaches to collaborate with developers to implement automated and continuous testing.

  • We will start with looking at what continuous testing is and how we can benefit from it

  • You will learn about common problems teams are facing and how a whole team approach can help you mitigate them

  • What if there’s no automation expert in the team? We will see how you can still tackle automation and get started learning more about automation

  • We will discuss three modes I’ve experienced myself in cross-functional teams so far

  • We will discuss what you can do to drive automation when everyone is working solo

  • We will look at different kinds of pairing styles and how pairing up for automation can help you succeed

  • We will look at the mob approach and show how the whole team can benefit from this collaboration practice

To finish off the course, let’s see how crucial context is; in the end, you have to try things out before you know what really works in your unique context.

Now let’s get started! 🚀

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