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Now this has a knock-on effect on our testing, because we will have to learn HTML better, CSS better. We'll have to learn how to use the Dev Tools. We'll have to learn a little bit more JavaScript. But none of that is hard. Everything that you're going to learn in here is very small chunks, and it's just practice. And just knowing the patterns to use in order to put it into action.

  • We're going to learn how to automate from the console.
  • We're going to learn how to use bookmarklets so that we have code in the bookmark, and we can just click it and set up test data.
  • We're going to learn how to use the built-in JavaScript IDE for the snippets in Chrome itself.

In this course, we're going to show you how to automate the Todos App, because it's a very little app, and it's nice and easy to work with.

I'm going to quickly show you something that we can aspire to.

So, here's a game.

The game is running in the browser. I've automated this. And I'm not using any external tools. All the automated execution is done from code that I've written in the console. And it's not a lot of code. It's not using artificial intelligence. It's not using any complicated techniques. It's just I've analyzed the game, I've understood roughly the data structures in that game, and then I've written some code to manipulate them.

But you can imagine how useful this would be to have a little bot that can play the game better than a human. To reach levels that a human can't normally access, so that we can test the game and see how far the game lets a person go, without having to write any cheat code in the game or anything like that.

And this is something I do to practice my JavaScript skills, and this has a knock-on effect.

I'm not going to show you how I do this in this course, but I'm going to show you all the techniques that I use in order to be able to do this. And if you keep practicing, eventually you will be able to end up doing things like this as well and automate pretty much any application you want from within the browser.

So, let's start at the very basics in the next lecture.


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