Hey everyone, it's Tariq King from Ultimate Software. Welcome to Testing from the Inside: Unit Testing Edition.

  • Are you trying to take your testing skills to the next level?
  • Or really working at an agile team where you all are trying to shift left?
  • Or just trying to get your organization to reap the full benefits of testing earlier?

In this course, we're going to explain the fundamentals of unit testing so that you can start to find bugs as soon as they happen. This is a course that's really targeted to everyone. It's an introductory session for people of all programming skill levels and you're going to learn how to apply program-based testing techniques such as testing by looking, automated unit testing, mocking and code coverage analysis.

We're going to go through concepts and constructs, as we look at a set of practical code-based testing exercises, so we're going to put hands to keyboard.

By the time we're done with this, you're going to leave ready to collaborate with developers in new ways to help you to uncover defects faster, earlier, and more cost-effectively.

In this course, I'm going to ask you to think inside the box.

In testing, we're generally taught to think outside the box — from a user's perspective to think of something different or unanticipated. But let's not forget that sometimes the best ideas can be sparked from inside the box, because knowledge is power and looking inside that box and using that information to come up with different ways to break the software is what this course is all about.

In terms of the course goals, we're going to define key terms, concepts, and principles and guidelines around testing from the inside. Then we're going to get into practical techniques for testing from the inside that are actually used in the industry.

We then want to apply those in a context of programming puzzles and problems. And then, we're going to get our hands on some tools so that we can practice doing automated unit testing and real testing from the inside.

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