Hello, and welcome to Test Automation University. This course is Behavior-Driven Python with pytest-bdd.

As the name suggests, in this course we'll be looking at how to use the pytest-bdd test framework to write behavior-driven tests in Python.

We'll start by learning a little bit about behavior-driven development and what advantages it can offer us. We'll even compare different Python BDD-style frameworks to show why we chose pytest-bdd for this course over others like Behave.

Then, for the majority of the lessons, we'll be looking at how to use pytest-bdd from writing feature files to step definitions, to tag filtering, and everything in between.

My name is Andrew Knight, and I'll be your instructor for this course.

You may also know me as the Automation Panda. I love, love, love all things software, testing and automation and I've done quite a bit of test automation with Python, which also happens to be my favorite language.

Please follow my blog at automationpanda.com and follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up with me.

As we go through this course, we'll be writing example tests in pytest-bdd.

I put all of the example code on my GitHub account under the tau-pytest-bdd repository.

I also created branches for each chapter, so that we can see just the code that was written for that chapter in context with the new concepts. I strongly encourage you to follow along with the example code as you go through the course.

I hope you're excited. Let's get started.


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