Welcome to Introduction to Robot Framework. I'm your instructor, Paul Merrill.

Robot Framework is a test driver.

It allows folks with little to no programming experience to create test automation or robotic process automation, RPA.

It is keyword based, written in Python and highly extensible. It's also free.

Robot Framework keywords can be implemented in Robot Framework, in Python, Java, .Net, Perl, JavaScript and PHP.

Robot Framework supports acceptance test-driven development, keyword driven testing, data-driven testing and test-driven development.

# Prerequisites

While programming skills are not necessary for learning Robot Framework, those who have them will move faster.

I recommend knowing the basics of how to navigate the file structure and run programs through the command line. It will also be good to know how to open, edit and save text files.

# Course Overview

In this course we'll learn what a Robot Framework script looks like, how to create a Robot Framework script, how to install Robot Framework and the other tools we'll need.

We’ll also learn how to run our tests, how to create a keyword, how to use a keyword to do an action, the correct syntax for keywords, how to find keywords and read keyword documentation, how to drive a web browser using Selenium Library for Robot Framework and how to create a test case in your test script.

Then we will cover how to read and write tests in your test script, how Robot Framework runs your test script, how to configure your test scripts, including creating setup and tear down steps.

We will also learn how to create use variables, how to create and use variables in line within sections of your script.

And finally, how to read the log and report files Robot Framework generates.

This may seem like a lot to absorb in just a little over an hour, but we'll get through it together. I'm looking forward to working with you as you learn Robot Framework. Now let's get started.


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