Hi, and welcome to the Basics of Visual Testing with Applitools. My name is Matt and I'll be guiding you through this course. A little background on me, I've worked at Applitools for over 3 years on the Technical Support Team. My job is to assist customers with integrating Applitools into their automation frameworks.

Since Applitools is a visual testing tool, we'll start off with a high level overview of what visual testing is. By the end of that section, you'll have a solid understanding of why visual testing should be the focal point of any automation framework.

Secondly, we'll give you a high level overview of Applitools. We'll discuss how Applitools provides both functional and visual testing coverage and also understand how it fits into your QA pipeline.

Next, we'll jump into some code. I've set up some projects for you to follow along with as we take a barebones automation framework and add an Applitools SDK to it.

What's the point of running our tests without a place to review them? Following the setup of our framework, we'll give you a tour of the Applitools dashboard and show you how to review your test results effectively.

Finally, we'll level up our automation framework and implement some best practices that we recommend for structuring your tests. By the end of this course, you'll have all the basics covered for visual testing with Applitools.

If at any point you get stuck along the way, or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to support@applitools.com or the TAU Slack Channel. And with that, let's jump into the course. I'll see you in the next chapter!


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