Transcripted Summary

Now that we have an understanding of how Applitools catches visual bugs, let's take a step back and look at how Applitools fits into your QA pipeline. Applitools offers a full end to end solution spanning from automation framework SDKs, to browser infrastructure, to reviewing your test results in the dashboard. We'll touch on each of these in this chapter.

The first piece of the puzzle is your automation framework. Applitools offers SDKs that integrate with popular automation tools including Selenium, Appium, Cypress, Testcafe and more.

Next, Applitools integrates into CI/CD pipelines. We support all CI/CD providers including Jenkins, Teamcity, CircleCI and more. We also integrate with Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab which allows you to view your test results directly on Pull Requests as well as many other productive features. These integrations will be covered in a later course.

Additionally, Applitools has created a revolutionary solution for performing Cross Browser Tests. Traditionally, developers must run their tests on each of the browsers and environments they want to validate. This results in an ever increasing runtime for their automation framework as they add more and more environments. Applitools has solved this problem with the Ultrafast Grid. The Ultrafast Grid allows the user to run their tests once on one browser, for instance Chrome, and then dynamically render that same test across all other environments in parallel. Rather than the same code running multiple times per environment, the Ultrafast Grid allows you to run your code once and then get test results across all browsers. The last chapter of this course will cover the Ultrafast Grid in depth. However, if you want to learn more about the Ultrafast Grid now you can check out the link in the write up below.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Applitools dashboard. Applitools has designed a fully-featured dashboard for users to review test results and collaborate with their team. We will be looking closely at this dashboard in a later chapter. Now that we have the complete picture, we can see how Applitools provides an end-to-end solution and integrates into every stage of the testing workflow.


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