Transcripted Summary

Let's now look at the Jenkins integration.

How do we integrate our automated tests with Jenkins? More specifically, how do we trigger our automated tests from Jenkins?

We will begin by integrating the test introduced in the previous chapter. For Jenkins to trigger our test we need to do some configuration work.

We can trigger our tests by pointing Jenkins to our local workspace and as well as by pulling code from SCM.

To perform this SCM pull we need to integrate Jenkins with an SCM tool.

We will demonstrate Github integration later on in the lesson but first let us look at invoking a build pointed to a workspace on a local machine.

This is helpful in projects where you do not have access to Jenkins configurations by setting up a proxy.

But you can still observe how a test will behave on Jenkins or simply practice setting up a build in Jenkins.

In either case, we need Maven integration with Jenkins because this is a Maven project. We will do that now.


The quiz for this chapter can be found in section 3.7

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