Hi everyone. My name is Gavin Samuels and welcome to this course Cucumber with JavaScript. I'm really excited to be able to prepare and deliver this content to you.

Let's take a deeper look into what this course has to offer.

In the first chapter we'll dive right in and get started talking about BDD.

We will see how this approach to software development can really help bridge the gap between business and tech. We’ll talk about it as value and other important features that make it a foundational topic in understanding Cucumber.

In Chapter 2, we'll get into Gherkin, the language of Cucumber.

This is what we use to actually formulate our test cases and test suites. We'll take a look at the keywords we can use, the syntax and define some best practices that would make for doable and reusable Gherkin steps.

With some of the foundational topics out of the way we'll then move on to Cucumber.

I'll explain the philosophy of Cucumber, it's pros and cons as well as help you to identify if Cucumber is the right tool for your next project.

Chapter 4 is where we get into understanding our automation architecture.

How we would structure it to be maintainable, how we organize our files and connect the layers of Cucumber.

Chapter 5 will allow us to put into practice all the things we learned in Chapter 2 about Gherkin and start writing some tests.

In our final chapter, we'll explore extending Cucumber by integrating the Applitools library to allow our tests to do visual validation.

I'm really looking forward to having you in this course. Let's get started.


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