Transcripted Summary

Hey, congratulations on completing this course and this journey.

I hope you had fun, because I had a lot of fun creating this course.

If you want to meet again, we can definitely do that.

You can check out my homepage, where I type Cypress tips and where you can find all the things that I do - for example, videos, courses, workshops.

If you want to learn Cypress or you want to learn something more about API testing, Typescript, about Cypress itself, go ahead and check out my homepage.

You'll definitely find something interesting for you.

Also, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or on Twitter - I'm always happy to help.

If you want to become a part of a community that likes to learn about Cypress and TypeScript and whatnot, then go ahead and definitely make sure to check out my Discord server, where I'm always happy to help, and where there is a whole community of people that are also happy to help you out.

So hopefully, I'll see you there, and hopefully, I'll see you in the next course. Bye.


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