Hello, everyone. This is Introduction to iOS Automation with XCUITest course.

My name is Shashi. This is a little bit information about me:

I run a company called XCTEQ Limited, helping organizations to solve their DevOps, CI/CD and test automation problems for mobile apps.

In this course we'll be covering lots of information about XCUITest. We'll be writing our first ever XCUITest, applying BDD principles, and then writing a scalable XCUITest framework. We'll also add visual validation tests using Applitools Eyes XCUI SDK, and finally we'll set up our XCUITest on a continuous integration server.

All the source code for this course is available on Github, and each chapter has its own branch. If you want to check out a particular chapter, then you need to check out the branch associated with that chapter.

So, let's get going.

Let’s begin! 🚀

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