Hey folks, welcome to the GitHub Actions for Testing course at Test Automation University.

Nowadays, it is a must to have your automated tests added to your pipeline, so they can be triggered and executed whenever you want.

GitHub is a very commonly used platform for code hosting, version control, and collaboration, and also to build your CI/CD pipeline.

This feature is called GitHub Actions.

# What You Will Learn In This Course.

  • You will learn the basic concept of GitHub Actions.
  • You will understand how to build, test, and deploy an application with GitHub Actions.
  • You will identify how easily you can integrate your automated tests with GitHub Actions.
  • You will learn how to use your own action by example.

So, who am I?

# Who is your instructor?

I am Matthias Zax from Austria, living in Vienna.

I am working as an agile engineering coach at the Raiffeisen Bank International. An agile engineering coach supports teams to increase their maturity in software development.

My profession and passion are test automation with a developer-by-heart attitude (#developerByHeart). Furthermore, I'm the organizer of a community of practice for test automation (RBI Test Automation Community of Practice), which is a strong internal community fostering test automation topics.

As you see, I like to share my experiences, so I present at conferences, IT magazines, and other online formats.

If you want to get in contact with me, please use the contact data listed in the resources

So, this is enough about me; we are ready to go. Let's start with chapter number 1.


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