Hello, everyone. Welcome to my course, Automating Tests in Flutter Apps.

I'm with very excited you guys are checking out my course and, let me tell a little bit about myself.

I'm a software engineer with more than 10 plus years of experience, primarily in the mobile and test automation space. And recently I've been doing a lot of Flutter work.

I'm currently working in a company called SoFi where I'm involved in porting our existing iOS and Android apps to Flutter.

I have quite a bit of experience in mobile space, and I have presented on topics about mobile and test automation at multiple test conferences, and recently about Flutter as well.

Flutter is a new developmental framework from Google where you can write code in one code language and it can be used to render apps, either for multiple places, let's say iOS, Android, and to desktop.

In this course, we are going to primarily focus on understanding how we can test the Flutter apps, how we can test at each layers of the test of the Flutter apps.

Note, Flutter is not an automation framework.

It can't automate apps created in different language. It's a development of framework itself, which has excellent testing support.

# What We Will Cover in Course

Now let's talk about the logistics for this course.

First, the code itself. It will be available in a public GitHub repository called github.com/prolificcoder/house_stats.

All the code that is being written in this course will be available per chapter and in a branch so that you can easily follow along.

Let's say you get stuck, right?

Like you get stuck on a question, or you have, a topic explanation is not good enough.

I'm always available to reach through the Test Automation University Slack channel and there's a specific channel for this course — #course-flutter-testing.

Now let's talk about the overview of this course.

First, we talk about Dart and Flutter itself.

If you're already familiar with this topic, you can breeze through this. But if not, I recommend you pay attention to this chapter.

We'll also talk about the local setup, how to make sure you can run this code on your local machine.

Then we'll dive into...

  • What are the different kinds of Flutter testing?
  • How they relate to the automation pyramid?
  • How unit testing is set up?
  • What is widget testing and integration testing?

We will deep dive into each of these and walk through the code.

Finally, we'll talk about the CI setup on GitHub.

It is possible to have all these tests running, by a pull request or on a commit so that these tests are continuously giving you feedback.

I'm very excited to be able to teach this course and looking forward to it.


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