Hey there!

Welcome to the course on Automated Visual Testing Using Python

I'm Gaurav Singh and I'll be your instructor.

In this course, we are going to learn about the following areas:

  • What is visual validation testing and what testing problem does it solve

  • How to setup your python environment for use with Applitools Eyes

  • How to add Applitools Eyes API in your existing automation framework

  • What are the different options for image comparison and under what situations are they useful

  • How to perform visual validation of PDF files using Image Tester utility

  • Analyzing results and managing visual test reports using Applitools Test Manager

  • How to manage your tests as suites

  • Talk about integration with third-party CI tools like Jenkins and GitHub, as well as JIRA for team productivity

The examples in this course will be using Python3 as the programming language and Selenium WebDriver.

However, the same concepts apply regardless of the tech stack you choose.

Let's get started.


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