Hi everyone, my name is Nyran Moodie. I am a developer and a test automation engineer.

In this course I want to show you how you can add automated visual testing into your current WebdriverIO projects. This integration will be done using Applitools.

Applitools is a platform that provides AI driven end-to-end testing and monitoring.

I will be covering all the features that Applitools has as we progress through the course, but before we move on, I would like to give you a brief overview of what’s to come in each chapter.

# Chapter 1

I am going to start by giving you an introduction to visual testing.

# Chapter 2

We are going to look at how we can get our environment set up to start using Applitools eyes.

# Chapter 3

We are going to create and run our first visual test using Applitoolss

# Chapter 4

I want to introduce you to the different match levels that Applitools has and the concept of viewport sizes

# Chapter 5

I will be talking about checkpoints.

# Chapter 6

I will be looking at how we can organize our visual tests using batchess

# Chapter 7

We will look at how we can analyze our test results using the Test Manager.

# Chapter 8

We will be looking at the integration and collaborations that Applitools provides.

This course will be done in JavaScript using WebdriverIO but Applitools support multiple libraries and automation frameworks.

If you visit https://testautomationu.applitools.com, you can find the Java and C# versions of this course plus many other helpful resources.


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