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Now that you’ve made it towards the end of the course, I want to show you some of the integrations and collaborations that Applitools provides.

Applitools has 40+ SDKs for different programming languages and test runners — these span from web apps, mobile apps, screenshot testing, PDF validations, and more.

# Applitools Integration with Web SDKs

There are various Web SDK’s that can be integrated with Applitools.

  • For Selenium WebDriver we have SDK’s for JavaScript, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, and Python.

  • We also have SDK’s for WebdriverIO, Selenium IDE, and Cyprus.

  • Applitools also supports SDK for Storybook, React, Angular, and Vue.

  • We also have SDK’s for Watir, Capybara, Protractor, UTF/UTP, Lean FT for C#, and Lean FT for JavaScript. We also have SDK for Coded UI.

# Applitools Integration with Mobile SDKs

Applitools also support a variety of mobile SDK’s.

  • We have Appium Native for C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

  • We also have SDK’s for Appium Web in C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

  • We also have SDK’s for XCUI in Objective-C and Swift.

  • We also have SDK’s for Expresso, Calabash iOS and Calabash Android.

# Applitools Integration with Screenshot SDKs

Applitools also supports a variety of screenshot SDK’s. We have SDK’s for CLI, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and XCTest in Objective-C and Swift.

There are also other SDK’s for Windows UFT, Window’s Coded UI and even PDF forms.

# Applitools Integration with Source Control Applications

Applitools can also be integrated with source control applications such as GitHub.

To do this: navigate to the Admin Dashboard> select Teams > Choose Team and scroll to GitHub.

Under this section you can add the GitHub repository which you would like to integrate with.

# Applitools Integration with Continuous Integration Tools

Applitools can also be integrated with your continuous integration tools such as:

  • Jenkins
  • Azure DevOps
  • Bamboo
  • AppVeyor
  • TeamCity
  • Circleci
  • Travis Cl
  • Semaphore

In order to integrate Applitools with your CI application you will need to have your CI script export an environment variable called APPLITOOLS_BATCH_ID.


You will then need to update your test automation code to send this batch ID along with your Applitools API key.

Further details on this can be found in the Resources section of this chapter.

This concludes adding automated visual testing into your current WebdriveriIO projects, what is by no means an end of what you can do with Applitools.

There are many more resources that you can access to start testing in other the other languages that Applitools support.

Thank you!!!


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