Hello, and welcome to Continuous Testing with Azure DevOps.

This course will help you achieve continuous testing by having your end-to-end test become part of Azure pipelines.

I'm Bushra Alam, and I'll be your instructor for this course.

You can connect with me through one of these platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter.

I also have a YouTube channel - where I create tutorial videos on trending testing tools.

We'll start off with this course by understanding what is Azure, what is DevOps, and what is Azure DevOps (Chapter 1).

We'll dive deeper into Azure Pipelines and we'll create build pipelines using YAML and release pipelines using the classic editor (Chapter 2).

We'll then write some end-to-end tests using Cypress and visual tests using Applitools Eyes (Chapter 3).

Once we have our end-to-end test created, we'll see how to run them in our release pipeline to achieve continuous testing (Chapter 4).

We'll explore how to publish results in Azure Pipelines (Chapter 5).

We'll also learn how to extract test artifacts, such as screenshots and videos generated during test run (Chapter 6).

Setting and overriding project configurations is very important in CI/CD pipelines, so we'll discuss a few ways that can be done (Chapter 7).

Then we'll explore how to share common steps so that we don't have to write and reconfigure the same task over and over again in different stages or pipelines or projects (Chapter 8).

We'll then explore how to run tests in parallel so as to avoid end-to-end tests becoming a bottleneck in the pipeline (Chapter 9).

We'll talk about how to manage failing tests, because inevitably, we'll have failing tests and maybe some flaky tests as well (Chapter 10).

Lastly, we'll see how to create multi-stage pipelines because multi-stage pipelines are the way forward (Chapter 11).

If you face any issues while following this course, you can post your queries on Test Automation University's Slack channel - I would be happy to help you out.

I hope you enjoy this course.

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