Hello. I'm T.J. Maher, and welcome to an introduction to Capybara.

Capybara is a domain-specific language, a DSL, that comes with built-in methods that allow you to visit a page, fill in a textbox, click a button, click a link, check a checkbox, choose a radio button, or select an item from a dropdown and search within a section of the page.

Capybara works with Ruby, created by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto back in 1995 to be an easy-to-use scripting language.

Programming Knowledge

You don't need to know Ruby to use Capybara, but it does help.

In this course, we will cover setting up Capybara, locating elements, creating tests that interact with the Web, dealing with wait times, handling confirmation modals and pop-ups, executing the tests in a browser.

We will also cover advanced topics such as capturing screenshots, setting up Chrome with logging, running tests in Capybara's new Apparition driver, and performing visual testing.

I've created a sample project on my GitHub site in order to help walk you through Capybara.

Thank you, and happy testing!


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