Transcripted Summary

# Downloading Java JDK

For the Java JDK all you have to do is navigate to the link, scroll down, accept the license, and choose the current download for your system. I am currently on the Mac OS, so I'll be selecting that.

And then it might ask you to login to your Oracle account or create one.

Once done, the download will start.

# Downloading Node.js

For Node JS, all you have to do is go ahead and navigate to the link and click on this button to download for Mac OS.

# Downloading Android Studio

For Android Studio, you navigate to the link, click this download button, and that will take you to another download button.

After you click this download button, accept the license agreement. Then it will download.

# Downloading Visual Studio Code

For Visual Studio Code, click the download button in the top right corner and choose the correct download for your system.

# Downloading Appium

For Appium, you click the download button and select the correct download for your system.

# Downloading Test APK

To get the test APK, navigate to the GitHub link, click on the APK, and click download.



The quiz for this chapter can be found in Chapter 1.5

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