Welcome to the Test Automation University course on WebDriverIO!

WebDriverIO is a custom implementation of Selenium's WebDriver API.

It is written in JavaScript, runs on Node, and provides a powerful framework for both mobile and web automation.

It allows for easy setup through its TestRunner client.

During this course, we will discuss how to setup WebDriver IO and its dependences. We will look at the WebDriverIO API, actions, as well as how to interact with Components.

We will discuss Wait Strategies and demonstrate how to write and run tests. We will look at reporting, and how to debug your errors.

And then, we will look at how to make your tests more efficient.

Key takeaways from this course are:

  • How to interact with elements using WebDriverIO
  • How to set up, create, and execute tests in WebDriverIO
  • Wait strategies to help reduce failures

Let's get started.

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