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Now I want to create a new test method, but it will be fairly identical to the one I have already created here. It's just that the checks will be done on a different page, not

I want to create a new test that will run on — the rest of the method will be exactly the same.

I will just do a very simple copy/paste by doing a selection on the entire method and hitting Ctrl+D.

Then I will hit Enter twice because I want to organize the method to be below the initial one.

As you can see, the 2 method names are exactly the same, so I get an underline in red that I have two methods with the same name here.

What I will do is just to rename the second method and I will call it openTheOrgPage.

So now I have a method called openThePageAndCheckTheTitle and the other one is openTheOrgPageAndCheckTheTitle.

However, I would like to change the name of the first method also, because I want to keep it a little bit in sync with the other one.

I will just hit the Shift+F6 shortcut for my keyboard and I will just change this.

I will just the type "Com" and hit Enter and now I have renamed the name of the method. Shift+F6 just means rename.

Now that I've done this, I will just adjust the second test so that it opens

At this point, I have 2 tests that are basically pretty much the same. It's just that they are on a different domain.

I might want to change the name of the variables also because I want them to also reflect the domain that they are on.

I'm going to say Shift+F6 while I have my cursor on the first variable, from the first method.

So, I will click Shift+F6 and I will rename it to expectedComTitle.

You can see that I have highlighted the other place except for the definition where this name comes up and this is in the assertEquals.

And as I was typing, the change was not made only at the variable definition level, but also where the variable is used inside the test.

I have changed the name and I will just hit Enter right now, and that will do the same with the second variable.

And I will say Shift+F6 and I will say that I want this variable in our second test to be named expectedOrgTitle.

In this case, not only the definition of the variable was changed, but also the place where this is used.

So, I will hit Enter and now I have refactored my method names and also the variables that I have inside my test.

public void openTheComPageAndCheckTheTitle() {
    String expectedComTitle =Example title”;
    assertEquals(expectedComTitle, driver.getTitle());

public void openTheOrgPageAndCheckTheTitle() {
    String expectedOrgTitle = "Example title";
    assertEquals(expectedOrgTitle, driver.getTitle());


The quiz for this chapter can be found in section 6.7

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